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Unable to get N1222 decoders to run firmware updates

I can't get a system of N1000 series encoders and decoders to run firmware updates.

I'm personally running Win7 32 bit in a VM on a Mac. I never have problems with other (2000 series) updaters on this platform, but no matter what I try I always get the "Windows Firewall (or something) error when trying to run updates.

I've connected my laptop directly to P1 on the decoder to eliminate any network issues. Still no update.
I've got Windows Firewall and Windows Defender completely disabled. Still no update.
I called AMX and they remoted in and couldn't get it to work, either. They suggested I bring a real Windows laptop running 64 bit version of windows to try. We've done that before and couldn't get it to work like that either, but it's been a few months now, I suppose I need to try that again.

These encoders are on a big (/22) subnet, but I've got my local computer configured on the same class C octet as the encoders.

Has anyone else had problems running firmware updaters for N1000 series, and figured out what was causing it and how to make it work? I'm getting really frustrated.


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    A real Win10 64 bit laptop didn't make any difference, either. What did make a difference was rebooting the decoders, camping on them, and running the updater on each one as soon as it came back online. If we waited more than a few minutes after decoder reboot, the updater wouldn't run. The wallplate encoder firmware updater ran without a hitch first time, on encoders that hadn't even been rebooted recently.

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    One more quick note on firmware updates for the N1115 Wallplate encoders (and probably the other N1xxx encoders as well):

    The latest firmware update, v1.15.18 (6/6/2018), breaks CPC if it is already set before the update. This causes Macs to not send AV signals into the encoders.

    I had to go into the encoders, turn CPC off, turn it back on, OK the dialog box, then reboot the encoders. After that process, the encoders started working OK again for Macs.

    We brought the real Windows laptop in here to work on getting the firmware updates to run, and ended up using it to test the AV after we got the firmware updates completed. I never re-tested from a Mac after the firmware update. Bad AV tech. BAD!

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    I had some issues early on where I had to manually grant access to the update software through the windows firewall even though the installer initially asked me for permission..

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