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Configure Web User Interface Device

I am using Televic Voting device.,its work in web Server .. This device having separate Window Screen ., I want to display that Device screen in my touch panel .,How can i make an code using button event .


  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Harman Integrated Technologies Group (ITG) Posts: 362
    edited February 2019

    Do you have a G5 panel? If so, you can launch a browser window via netlinx.

    SEND COMMAND Panel,'^APP-0,0,Browser,URI,string,http://www.amx.com'
  • sorry, Am using G4 Panel., and its not a browser . The device its working on Http . I want to send an ' http:// IP_Address/Cocon/Connect ' to that device and wants to Display that device screen in my MST-1001 Touch panel. . Please Provide the Programming syntax

  • HARMAN_icraigieHARMAN_icraigie Technical Trainer II, Harman Professional University Posts: 563

    For a Roku but shows minimum requirement for building http 1.1. Roku implements GET and POST modes.

    define_function sendRokuHttp(char iMode[20], char iCmd[50])
        stack_var char iPacket[500];
        // Minimum HTTP 1.1 Requirement
        iPacket = "iMode,' ',iCmd,' HTTP/1.1',$0D,$0A,
              'Host: ',uRokuIpConnection.address,':',itoa(uRokuIpConnection.port),$0D,$0A,
              $0D,$0A";// HTTP terminates with the empty line
        if(uRokuIpConnection.isConnected == TRUE)
          amx_log(AMX_INFO,"'send_string dvIP_ROKU,',iPacket");
          send_string dvIP_ROKU,iPacket;
          sRokuIpQueue = "sRokuIpQueue,iPacket";
          ip_client_open(dvIP_ROKU.PORT, uRokuIpConnection.address, uRokuIpConnection.port, uRokuIpConnection.mode);
            uRokuIpConnection.isConnected = TRUE;
        // Empty the Queue
          while(find_string(sRokuIpQueue, "$0D,$0A,$0D,$0A", 1)) // Standard HTTP terminator
              stack_var char iMessage[500];
              iMessage = remove_string(sRokuIpQueue, "$0D,$0A,$0D,$0A", 1);
              amx_log(AMX_INFO,"'send_string dvIP_ROKU,',iMessage");
              send_string data.device,iMessage;
        sendRokuHttp('GET', '/query/active-app');
    button_event[dvTP_1_ROKU, BTN_MEDIADB_LIST] // BTN_MEDIADB_LIST from G4API
          stack_var integer iBtn
          iBtn = get_last(BTN_MEDIADB_LIST);
          sendRokuHttp('POST', "'/launch/',sRokuAppList[iBtn]" );
          sActiveApp = sRokuAppList[iBtn]; // Fake feedback
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