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Adapting IR signals with a NX-1200

I have an old crestron system for which I need to swap out a STB with a different manufacturer. I have almost zero info on the system and I fly out to the remote site where it is located in two days. I hope to find a way to make this work. All I know is creston system and IR controlled STBs.

The original installer is out of business with no records, instructions, code, etc for the system left behind. And I know nothing about crestron so hoping to not have too deal with it too much. Currently replacing the entire system is not an option.

I've heard of adding a NI-700/NX-1200 to a system to receive old commands and then generate the required new commands to control hardware when equipment needs to be swapped but you're locked out of a system. Is this possible with IR? I know almost nothing about IR, I've been lucky to not have it included in any systems I've previously worked on. Is they a way for a master to receive IR signals or to convert IR into something a master can receive?

What equipment/software do I need to capture IR signals?

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