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Command for Audio Switcher

What is the command and syntax for Audio Switcher?.Am Using BSS-BLU


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    Which BLU device specifically?

    There are modules in the AMX InConcert database:

    You can also check out the BSS Soundweb 3rd Party Control Application Guide:

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    Thanks . But i Need Audio Switching Command ?

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    MLaletasMLaletas Posts: 226

    Not meant to be rude but it sounds like you need more than that..

    Have you programmed a DSP before, BSS? Read the API that Rob put up a link for, its a great protocol but requires a little thought as its all in hex, has special bytes, escape sequences and checksums. It will require you to insert the ID of the DSP the ID of the DSP control object, etc.. Its a little more involved then typing in "SWITCH:3"

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    JasonSJasonS Posts: 229
    > @MLaletas said:
    > its a great protocol

    Not sure you would get many to agree! LOL
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    MLaletasMLaletas Posts: 226

    I mean its archaic, and annoying to deal with. But doesn't mean functionally it isn't a great protocol.

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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,736
    edited February 2019

    Simple tasks, like switching, ought to have simple commands.
    RUNCO revolutionized the insane checksum/hex/challenge/reply window command environment 30 years ago with serial commands like "ON". Oh how we have advanced since...
    Making a control protocol sane for mere humans is apparently not something DSP engineers are not tasked with or measured by.

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    Use the module. Works great for most functionality.

    Basic implementation video available on the training site: AMX Video & Control / On-Demand / Device Controller / Central Controllers / Duet | How to Implement the BSS Gateway Module. ..Or just search for Duet ;-)

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