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Power Checking Survey

rolorolo Junior MemberPosts: 51

what do YOU do in this situation:

I have a power on system call that powers up a room's av stuff
I like to repeat sending the "on" string over and over until my on status variable says "on"(extracted from string data event). Basically I Set Up A loop that will just keep checking the variable over and over and continue to send the string until the device is on.

Do you guys do this or do you just send the on string one time if the status variable is off and expect the device to always come on? In other words do you guys continue to try to turn something on until you receive positive verification or do you just send the string once?

Thanks in advance


if you continue to send 'on' and you dont mind, paste in some of your code. I have a certain way i get out of the loop if say the power cord is disconnected, so that netlinx doesnt lock up, and i am interested to see how others accomplish this.


  • Thomas HayesThomas Hayes Junior Member Posts: 1,164
    Hi Rolo
    I have a similar setup for my MM classrooms, where I turn everything on, I have a 'warming up' page with a bargragph that shows the remainding timeline. (I also have a 'cooling down' page) I only send the 'on' command once (unless it is to a NEC MT series proj). I then ask if the unit is 'on' and if it is not then I ask it again. If it doesn't respond the second time I leave it and proceed with the program. We are in the design stages now of adding asset manager that would monitor all equipment and report any failures. If I could afford it I would use a AMX current sensor to monitor the devices that get turned on.
  • Chip MoodyChip Moody Junior Member Posts: 727
    I haven't really run into a situation where I had/felt the need to do something like that until just recently. For the first time, I had a set of displays that I wanted to stay on, and stay on the input set by the control system - if someone walked up to the display and turned if off or changed inputs, the control system should put it back to where it should be. (Likewise, if the control system deemed the display should be off, and someone came in and attempted to turn it on from the front panel, the control system would shut it back off)

    I wrote code to query the power and input status every 15 seconds, and re-send the appropriate commands if it found the display was in a state other than the one it should have been in.

    - Chip
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