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G5 failure to change properties of multiple selected items

Sorry guys this seems really silly, I'm obviously missing something obvious. I've just started doing a lot of work in TPDesign5. How do I get this application to change properties - say font size - of all the elements I've selected? It moves them all around on the stage together, but when changing a property, it only changes the first one selected. Having to individually select every single item to change basic stuff like font size is driving me nuts!

How do I get property changes to apply to all currently selected items?


  • On the bottom of the Properties window is an Apply to All button. Is that selected?

  • It certainly appeared to be selected when I looked at it just now, and it was working for some things like height and width under General, but not for things under the State tab (It appeared selected no matter which property tab I was looking at). But I de-selected it, then re-selected it again, and now it's working for properties, including font size, under the State tab.

    Now that I'm looking at it, I swear I've done this before. Maybe I need to quit and re-launch and see if that provokes a mismatch between the appearance of the button, and the function itself.

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