Issue with N2211 Decoder output resolution

Issue: N2211 decoder no longer outputs video correctly to the (6) Volante VMT105 AV encoders.

Location: MDF
Source: Uverse box
Decoder: N2211 (networked) with input going to a Blackbox XR HDMI Extender
Encoder: Uverse box is connected to this VMT105 (networked) via an HDMI-to-DVI adapter.
Other encoders: (5) other rooms have encoders that show video source.

There was an issue with the Uverse box, and it had to be replaced (it was not an exact model replacement). After the box was replaced, we were not getting any video. We connected a small monitor to the Uverse box to verify it was registering fine; it did. When the tech left, I changed a few resolution settings but left the video setting at 720p.

If I recall correctly, we reset the decoder via the small button on the unit after we couldn't get it to work. We hooked up directly to the decoder with a laptop, and opened up the N-Able software. Looking at the unit management in N-Able, we noticed that the resolution was different than what the rest of the encoders had (decoder has 1280x34 and the encoders have 720p59.94). All the unit IPs were the default (169.254.x.x).

Under Unit Management, we selected the decoder and clicked edit. Under the Advanced Settings tab, subcategory EDID, we selected 720p_audio.edid, and selected Reset EDID the first time. Still no video. We did the same steps as I just mentioned, except this time we selected Set EDID; still no video was outputting to the other encoders.

We did change the video setting on the box to standard, and selected 480p.edid on the decoder, and we were able to output video to the rest of the encoders BUT the video was janky (it would show fine on the TV then all of a sudden it would lose video temporarily, or several horizontal lines would appear). So we reverted the settings.

What else can we change, or do, to output 720p to the other encoders?


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