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Issues in RS_232 Port and IP configuration


Good Weekend to all

I am using DVX-3256 HD-SP . I have connected 4devices in RS_232 Port . I Programed for it . The commands its sending to the device but the device is not responding for it.

This is my Programming for one Device -:


Dv_Denon_bluray_1 = 5001:2:1;


SEND_COMMAND Dv_Denon_bluray_1 , "'SET BAUD 115200,N,8,1'";
Send_command Dv_Denon_bluray_1, "'RXON'";
Send_command Dv_Denon_bluray_1, "'XON'";
Send_command Dv_Denon_bluray_1, "'HSON'";

SEND_STRING Dv_Denon_bluray_1,"'@0PW00',$0D";

I can see the command is going to device in Notification area . but the device is not working . Installlation and wiring is Perfect .

RS_232 Wiring in this format only i did:

Pin Number Signal Name
6 NC
2 TxD
7 RTS*
3 RxD
8 NC
4 NC
9 NC
5 S. GND

I tired using IP_Based Coding also by connecting RJ45 ., Gave IP_Client_Open also in DEFINE_START

dvDenonDN500BD = 0:6:1;

non_volatile char ncDenonIP[] = '10.81.XXX.XX';
non_volatile integer nDenonPort = 4999;
non_volatile integer nDenonProtocol = IP_TCP;


SEND_STRING dvDenonDN500BD ,"'@0PW00',$0D";

I Tried giving $0A also

SEND_STRING dvDenonDN500BD ,"'@0PW00',$0D,$0A";

Its not Working .,

I have tired for 2 devices also its not working as-well . Please Guide me and Tell me the mistake where i did


  • Are you sure these options are correct?
    The Denons I used, either use 9600 or 38400 bps (must be set on the devicemenu), no software handshaking and except for one old device no hardware handshaking either.

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,714

    When you program a serial interaction and it doesn't work, back up a few steps and connect an ordinary terminal program and manually attempt serial communication. When you make that work, compare communication parameters with what your program is doing. Much time can be wasted banging on your code when the problem is the cable, or someone before you changing the baud rate on the device.

  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 547
    edited March 2019

    Are you sure you need all 9 pins in your RS232 cable? Typically 3 are needed and at times 5 for RS232 comms from AMX. Additional pins beyond this can cause issues with communications because of how AMX uses those other pins for RS485

  • Additional pins beyond this can cause issues with communications because of how AMX uses those other pins for RS485

    That used to be a mistake that could be made when using NI controllers (with a D9 connector) where RS485 was always 'active' . On NX controllers you probably won't do that by accident, because of the Phoenix connectors and you have to explicitly enable RS485 or RS422 with a port configuration command.

  • m.leenenm.leenen Posts: 2

    I ran into similar problem with a Denon device. Solution was an update of the Denon firmware.

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