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Anyone know how to install apps on a Modero G5?

igorbauerigorbauer Junior MemberPosts: 3

Hi all;
I'm trying to install the Zoom Rooms app on a MT 1002; it installs correctly (or so it says), but I can't get it to run.. It is not listed in the Available Apps section, and I can't launch it using the ^APP command. I can't see it in TP Design either, to add a New Application Window.
I have disabled all native apps, I only need it to run the Zoom Rooms.
Any ideas?

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  • zack.boydzack.boyd Smacks Keyboard Repeatedly Posts: 94

    Latest Firmware/Software versions? This is a fairly new feature.

  • igorbauerigorbauer Junior Member Posts: 3

    thanks for the reply Zack, I already contacted Tech support with that very question :) my panel is running factory installed firmware v1.8.14, and I can see no newer versions anywhere.. cant see any firmware for the 1002 as a matter of fact, only download available is the Zoom Rooms APX file..

  • igorbauerigorbauer Junior Member Posts: 3

    Many thanks and kudos to both Ian and Brandon from Tech support, the ^APP command with the us.zoom.zrc did the trick.

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