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Anyone know how to install apps on a Modero G5?

Hi all;
I'm trying to install the Zoom Rooms app on a MT 1002; it installs correctly (or so it says), but I can't get it to run.. It is not listed in the Available Apps section, and I can't launch it using the ^APP command. I can't see it in TP Design either, to add a New Application Window.
I have disabled all native apps, I only need it to run the Zoom Rooms.
Any ideas?

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  • zack.boydzack.boyd Posts: 94

    Latest Firmware/Software versions? This is a fairly new feature.

  • thanks for the reply Zack, I already contacted Tech support with that very question :) my panel is running factory installed firmware v1.8.14, and I can see no newer versions anywhere.. cant see any firmware for the 1002 as a matter of fact, only download available is the Zoom Rooms APX file..

  • Many thanks and kudos to both Ian and Brandon from Tech support, the ^APP command with the us.zoom.zrc did the trick.

  • DenisJDenisJ Posts: 3

    Hi to all of you,

    I put the post back up :) . The company recently bought Zoom rooms and we have the same problem as IgorBauer. I would kindly ask for help with installing zoom rooms on the amx g5. I saw this post: Here is the command that is embedded on the demo TP5 file to launch - sent to the loop back port 0 device.
    ^ APP-0,0,1050,800,2, us.zoom.zrc

    but I didn't figure out where to write that command. I don't understand that step? Please help :)

  • You need to add it as a Command Action under 'Button Press' in the Events section of the button you want to use to start Zoom from the panel. So fire up the TPD5 and open your touchpanel file :) see attached picture..

  • DenisJDenisJ Posts: 3

    When I go to file and new I choose the mt-1002 device. I don't have a button press in the left corner? One more question when I manage to do everything, then how do I upload to amx mt1002? I'm new to everything so I'm still learning how to use it :)

  • You have to draw a button on your page for that to become available. Select the button and you will get the Button Press command action in its properties.

    When you complete the design, the easiest way to transfer would be from within TPD5 (note that the panel must be online and connected to its NX master).
    Select Transfer from the top toolbar, then choose Connect and establish a connection to your NX master. When connection is established, choose the Send to panel option from the Transfer toolbar, you should be given a choice of all TPs of the appropriate type connected to that master. You can select the one you want by its device ID.

  • Zoom is not an app contained within the TP5 realm and requires a manual load to the panel via USB. You can find instructions here - https://www.amx.com/en-US/site_elements/install-guide-zoom-rooms-and-modero-g5

    The app and sample touch panel with launch button are found here:
    https://help.harmanpro.com/Pages/Zoom Rooms app update.aspx

  • DenisJDenisJ Posts: 3

    @igorbauer i managed to do it now i am trying to figure out how to set up amx mt1002 so it connects to tp5. It’s not yet clear to me what all the settings need to be in order for them to connect.

    thanks for the info but i know about it. I just can't find instructions on how to connect amx mt1002 to tp5 I can't set it up so they can connect.

  • Call tech support for them to walk you through the connection sequence.

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