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Three out of Five defective new M*-series products so far

I swear AMX has a special asterisk next to my name, with the directive, "Ship all defective products to this person."

...and it really angers me. 3 out of 5; a 60% failure rate. That's what I personally see regarding new AMX products: a 60% DOA failure rate.

Anyone else seeing high failure rates of new M-series touchpanels? I figure I'm probably the only one (reference my 1st statement here, I'm always an outlier), but would like to know if anyone else is having such horrible luck with new AMX products?


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    We've also seen high failure rates of DVX products, as well as NX-series central controllers. At this point, doing AMX projects is just depressing. It's literally a given that at least one, and probably more, pieces of AMX equipment in any new installation is going to be DOA, or fail shortly after deployment.

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