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MXD-701-L - No display

Hi all, New to the forum so bear with me .
I have a number of failed MXD-701-L displays that will power up via PoE but nothing is being displayed i.e. screen is black.
Waking it up from Sleep for example doesn't seem to be the issue and rebooting does not work either. These were all working at some point but 1 by 1 they started failing to the point only 1 is working out of 5.
Any ideas?


  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Harman Integrated Technologies Group (ITG) Posts: 397

    If working before, but no longer working on boot-up, my suggestion would be to engage Harman Pro technical support. Did anything change in the environment? Is there a chance that SD card is not seated properly?

  • t_elvinst_elvins Posts: 6

    Ok. Thanks for the response. I wanted to explore as many possibilities as I can. We are in a remote location so I wanted to try and troubleshoot a lot first.
    No, nothing changed in the environment. No outages, no updates either software or hardware etc. They basically just started failing; one after the other. There are 2 that actually turn on now (out of a total of 5). One of them will only execute the first button in the menu (an option, not Volume, or Sleep etc.) and the other actually still works. I am unable to remove the "good" one to test the other setups as that being the only classroom that is usable, it is being heavily utilised.

  • richardhermanrichardherman not-so-junior member Posts: 310

    Don't know if it's relevant in this case, but we recently ran into an issue with a HP procurve switch, where we had to explicitely enable a 'high power' option for POE (I Guess POE+). This was with camera's that would boot, and sortof work, but not reliable.

  • t_elvinst_elvins Posts: 6

    Hmmm, ok. The PoE issues are something that I have looked into. They are prone to surges etc. There was an issue with one setup which was the switch (not a HP) prior to the display failing, but may be worth further investigation.

  • fogled@mizzou[email protected] h4x354x0r Posts: 549

    I just had an MSD-701 that had been working for about a week now, but was dead this morning. I popped the back off and sure enough the little daughter card (memory isn't it?) wasn't fully seated. Reseat = Resurrection. YMMV. A little dab of silicone on those might help them from coming loose in shipping.

  • t_elvinst_elvins Posts: 6

    Thats not a bad idea. I know from experience with laptops that the data cables (as flimsy as they are) will sometimes unseat. I know with the MXD 701s that the data cables at the back are like that but I did ensure that they were ok.

  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,628
    edited March 2019

    Any insights on dead spots on the panel touch area? I have collected 5 MX series panels that gradually lost response in various areas, which got larger with time. I presume it is fatal, but would welcome suggestions to the contrary. Certainly disappointing; the newer much more expensive panels clearly don't last like the old CA/CV series.

  • viningvining X Member Posts: 4,368

    I only bought 1 MXT-1000 that I used for programming and testing and it didn't last long before bubbles appeared and eventually sticky clear goo started oozing out onto my desk. It's really a shame so I never spec'd any! I'd use iPads with AMX but we have no hand held remote so now if I spec AMX its just a black box in back room to run code I can't easily run on other platforms.

  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,628

    I was told by an AMX product manager that any panels with the leak problem would be replaced free at any age - it was an acknowledged manufacturing defect. I never got around to trying to return a new spare 19" wall panel that was a gooey mess inside the original box, because AMX had swept us aside as dealers in a one of the purges (we got back in eventually and that manager is gone). And now that model is obsolete...

  • sentry07sentry07 Junior Member Posts: 76

    I've got a CV12 in the office that the touchscreen is completely dead but the LCD still works. I checked all the cables and stuff and couldn't find anything disconnected. Could be capacitors, maybe. Tried using it for testing with VNC still but the resolution on it is too low for modern UIs. Test on an iPad now. Nice that the TPControl app scales the UI file to the screen.

  • t_elvinst_elvins Posts: 6

    I have tried contacting a few support teams regarding the touch panels but am having no joy. The more I delve into issues with these panels the more I find that more and more people have had many issues with them. AMX was taken over by Harman and now I believe that Harman is owned by Samsung? I have tried to go down this path for support as well and again, no joy. The saga continues......

  • quirkquirk Harman Professional Tech Support Posts: 28

    Five panels failing at one site is not a common occurrence.

    Do you have case numbers to reference the efforts you and the support team have made? I would like to help you figure this out.

  • t_elvinst_elvins Posts: 6

    That would be very much appreciated.

    No, not really. We are a remote site and other people have tried to have this sorted by local contractors that were of no help at all. They did not have the knowledge nor expertise to assist and subsequent calls to assist go unanswered. I have a lot of technical experience on the PC and networking and support areas so I offered to assist with the troubleshooting and diagnosing of the issues. I have been limited to diagnose further as the single remaining touchscreen is being utilised constantly and the risk of using it to perform further troubleshooting is too high. I believe the touchscreen is the issue however.
    The faulty touchscreens have power going to them via PoE but are inoperable. From accounts via the maintenance clerk, these touchscreens became faulty one after the other over a 6 month period. They are all in a classroom AV setup with predominantly AMX hardware. They are linked with a PC, switch and power amp which all seem to be worked fine. I have performed typical troubleshooting; power, connectivity, cables, functionality (where possible), etc.
    Furthermore, they link to a projector and Smartboard which function fine.

    FYI - You are the first responder from Harman Tech Support so no other support cases from Harman, as such as well.

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