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Netlinx ni3100 programming issues

Hi Guys,

My issue:

-Touch panel controls the ni3100. CAN see channels coming in (notification/diagnostic ON)

-The ni3100 sends strings to port/rs232/device (confirmed with telnet and Control device after capacitor repair job)

- Port is not sending strings from source code generated commands.


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    If you were to remove code from the troubleshooting equation, are you able to send test strings successfully through Control a Device within Netlinx Studio?

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    I frequently use IP-RS232 devices like the MOXA boxes as a sanity check. They can easily be swapped in as a substitute for the controller's serial ports, and also be placed at the destination to confirm correct transmission & receipt of data.

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    All good now guys ! Forgot to reboot after messing with config dip switches
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