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TP4 Page Password Protected


I want to be able to do a TP4 page only for authorized personal, so is it possible to configure a button that asks for a password and then show you that page ?

I notice on the manual that we can put the button password protected but i dont know i to call a keyboard to input it and how to validate that password.



  • richardhermanrichardherman Posts: 384
    edited March 2019

    In it's most basic form, there's not much to do:

    • in TP design set the passwords in the panel through the setup pages (1 ...4; 5 is the protected one). Use numbers only.
    • Make a button that calls the page flip to the protected page and in the tab 'general' > 'password protection', set the password to one of those 4

    If the button is pressed, the panel pops up a keyboard; if the password is correct, the page flip is performed, else nothing happens. It's the same way the panel itself does this in the setup pages, to use the protected pages.

    Lot's of other ways to to this, you can do this from code, make your own keyboard so it looks nicer with the rest of the panel, etc.

  • educostaeducosta Posts: 3

    Thank you so much for your help.

    When you say make my own panel, where a set up or configure which keyboard will appear on a password request ?


  • richardhermanrichardherman Posts: 384
    edited March 2019

    If you don't configure anything the panel will pop-up it's 'system' keypad, which may not look so good in your panel design, but will work fine. Maybe it doesn't matter. If it does and you want to use your own keypad, the best starting point is to copy the one AMX made, so you have all the programming already there and then apply your own bitmaps, colors or whatever you want.
    You can find the AMX system pages on you computer at:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\AMXShare\G4SupportFiles__system\pages

    You can use almost any panel as your starting point, but if you don't know, use 'Modero-X_1920x1920-Setup-Sp.TP4' . It uses the graphics for the latest series.

    Or, in TPDesign4, use 'file' > 'open system page template'. (which I always forget is there...)

    Just copy the popup page '_keypadPrivate' (keep the name exactly the same) to your project and adapt it to you liking. The panel will then use the one in the project, and no longer use the one from the system pages.

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