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Any info on when or if HTML design for panels will come?

Dennis E.Dennis E. Posts: 27
edited March 2019 in AMX General Discussion

As Crestron is soon to release HTML5, JavaScript & CSS3 support on there panels, will AMX release the similair feature soon?

For you who don't know what this is, then it's basically that it makes a panel work as a HTML web server.
You will not use TPDesign to create the pages, you will just use any tool of choice as when you make a HTML site.
As the G5 panel is runnning an Android version then to have it set up as a webserver wouldn't be any major move by the developers.
Many clients understand that the technology is here and they want there expensive touchpanel to look like browsing any ordinary tablet or phone that they use daily.

I know that TPClasses and WebLinx have been there for a long time but the documentation is hard to find.
The architecture are there, but the main thing missing is the support in the panels.

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