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Any great ideas on how to attach a 20" table top touch panel to a counter?

imsocoimsoco Junior MemberPosts: 46

I have a 20" G5 tabletop panel that I want to use in our showroom for customer sign-in at the reception counter. After setting it up, it looks too easy to knock over or steal. The purpose is also to show off the AMX line and our software. It does not appear to have anything that can be screwed into or attach onto. Any ideas?


  • HARMAN_RobHARMAN_Rob Sr. Manager, Professional Services Group Posts: 171

    There used to be a secure mount for tabletop panels, facilitated by drilling 2 holes thru the table or securing with a Kensington lock: model MXA-STMK-20 FG / part number FG5968-64.

    It is discontinued and not currently available from HARMAN... but you may have some luck with your distributor/dealer, or find one on eBay. For example, though this is for a 7" panel: https://www.ebay.com/itm/MSA-STMK-07-AMX-Secure-Table-Mount-Kit-for-7-Modero-Series-Tabletop-Panel/173590186608

    Worst case, it is "just" a precision-cut metal base with mounting holes in it... so maybe you could have one CNC'd to fit your application. PDF drawings attached if it helps.

  • viningvining X Member Posts: 4,364

    You could also just cut a piece of plexiglass slightly bigger then the base and secure it to the bottom of the TP with an epoxy. Then you could drill counter sunk holes in the plexiglass to screw it down.

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