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Hi Guys,

I have a project involving a master 2200, one mxd1001 and 3 MCP108. I don't know how sould i program the mcps to work in parallel with the tp.


  • The MCP is a full NX-series master. You will want to proceed with a master-to-master design and at a minimum configure their device address. Do you need the control ports found on the MCP? If not, it would simplify your design to switch to the MKP-108. The front panels are the same, but the MKP does not include the NX Master and control ports. It would also be a cost savings.

  • cristithxcristithx Posts: 11

    unfortuntely i allready have the products and i can't change them.
    I've never programmed master to master project.

  • cristithxcristithx Posts: 11

    Problem solved! m2m working just perfect!

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