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Hi Guys,

Finally making progress with my home system. Taught myself the basics.

Have serial control from touch panel wayheyy. Struggling with the send_ level I want it to increase and decrease my volume meter in increments of say 5 units. I can get the meter to snap to a set level but not nudge by a set value as with other control systems.

Any tips ?


  • HARMAN_icraigieHARMAN_icraigie Technical Trainer II, Harman Professional University Posts: 563

    Math - track what the current level, is +/- in the send level to the panel. Although I would suggest a better route might be to set the level as Display only and then synchronize the panel level with the device level that you are controlling. Does require discrete raise/lower buttons that then can be used to "nudge" the level at the device.

  • richardhermanrichardherman not-so-junior member Posts: 279

    Depending on how you want to do this, you can send the level from the panel itself and use a LEVEL_EVENT in programming to send it to your device.
    If you make buttons for 'volume up' and 'volume down' on the touchpanel, in the properties of these buttons you can set the 'level control type' to 'relative' and the 'level control value' to what you want, +5 for the 'up' button and -5 for the 'down' button, for instance. If you also make a bargraph (display only) which displays the same level that will show the current level.

    I usually don't change the 'standard' AMX level (0..255) to something else, but you can do that. I prefer to use some math, like below.

    the bVolumeUp en bVolumeDown var's are used because when the panel goes 'offline', the levels get reset to zero. Doing it this way makes sure it won't send level changes to your device unless you actually push a button.

    The programming would look something like this: (for an AMX DVX)

    DEVLEV dlMainVolume  = {dvTP,1}   //main volume
    PERSISTENT INTEGER nMainVolume              //holds mainvolume level
    VOLATILE  SINTEGER sMainVolume              //holds mainvolume converted to dvx xpoint level
    VOLATILE   INTEGER bVolumeUp                //true when volume up button is pushed
    VOLATILE   INTEGER bVolumeDown              //true when volume down button is pushed
    LEVEL_EVENT [dlMainVolume] //volume
        IF (bVolumeUp OR bVolumeDown) //only if button is pushed
        //volume max:0; min:-100
        nMainVolume = LEVEL.VALUE //store 'amx' level (0..255)
        sMainvolume = ((LEVEL.VALUE * 100) / 255) - 100 //calculate level for dvx
        SEND_COMMAND dvDVXAudioOut1,"FORMAT('XPOINT-%d',sMainVolume),',1,',ITOA(LS_OUT)"
    BUTTON_EVENT [dvTP,nMainVolumeButtons]
        SWITCH (GET_LAST(nMainVolumeButtons))
            CASE 1: //volume up
            CASE 2: //volume down

    As part of the routine that executes when the touch panel comes online, the level that is stored on the controller (in nMainVolume) gets send to the bargraph display:

        WAIT 15
            SEND_LEVEL dlMainVolume, nMainVolume //send volume level to panel
            SEND_COMMAND dvTP,'ADBEEP' //confirm online status

    If you use something like this in your feedback for the volumebuttons:

    [dvTP,41] = bVolumeUp   AND nMainVolume < 255   //volume up
    [dvTP,42] = bVolumeDown AND nMainVolume > 0     //volume down

    The buttons will display the 'on' state as long as the are pushed, until the level reaches max (or min)

  • Amazing Cheers, I will try your method 1st Richard. Weekend project ha

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