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Dynamic Image through another port

Dear All,
I'm trying to add a dynamic image to a TP4 file but I cannot retrieve the streaming image. I do stream through a web browser typing http://user:[email protected]_ADDRESS:8080/video.mjpg.
Please note that image has been configured to be streamed through port 8080 ( not 80 ).
How can this port be edited on the TP4 dynamic image ? I tried to add this on the HOST field like IP_ADDRESS:8080 with no success.
Any ideas ?



  • viningvining Posts: 4,368

    Is it not working in preview or running on the panel? Sometimes preview doesn’t work with some stream urls. You could also try to set the parameters in code since sometimes dynamic images won’t work if setup in TP4. Just create a DI in TP4 with non working parameters and then modify in code when the TP comes online.

  • it is not working in preview ( double click on dynamic image ). I have not tried on the panel. Can you please help me a little more with parameters in code ?

  • OK I made it working.... I set the streaming source of a button ( not a dynamic image ) with the related streaming path and it works now....


  • I thought everything is ok but it is not. Any web browser requests a confirmation to allow the streaming. Of course I'm able to confirm that from my PC by pressing OK. But what about the AMX panel ? The streaming does not come obviously because there is not any confirmation from the panel...
    An ideas please ?

  • viningvining Posts: 4,368
    edited April 2019

    Here's an example of the code I send when the TP comes online. This example uses an alternate port too. This is for two dynamic images one large one small

    CASE 4://camera 4
                 fncAxisCam_QueueTPCmd("itoa(iUI_Indx),'^RMF-Camera_',itoa(n),' LG,%U',cTempUser,'%S',cTempPass,'%H',AXISCAM_IP_ADDRESS[n],


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