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Back Door Attempt or File Delete Error ???

G'day All,

Wondering if anyone has seen these diagnostic messages before:
Line 1 2019-04-12 (09:23:59):: CIpLibraryMan::PrependPath() File access attempt in non-user area (possible back door attempt). Resolved Path [], rc=[2 (No such file or directory)]
Line 2 2019-04-12 (09:23:59):: CIpLibrary::File_Delete - Prepend Failed; pbFilePath=, err=-4
Line 3 2019-04-12 (09:23:59):: CIpLibrary::File_Delete - Error (-4)

I did an update to 5 systems, and 2 days later these messages were smashing my diagnostics. Its like its stuck in a loop. I get these three messages ~18 times a second.

Its for some fairly in depth room booking code. Every night it saves the bookings for that day to a text file. Feels like it revolves around that.

Just checked my while and for loops and they are all handled. I'm not calling any file_delete functions and even if i was there is no -4 in the help.

Any ideas?


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    sentry07sentry07 Posts: 77

    What model master and what firmware did you load?

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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177

    It almost looks like someone noticed the Linux-e-ness of the AMX master and tried a hack on you.

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    John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,736

    You don't say if this system is exposed to the Internet. If it is, protect it better... and if possible, test for this condition when it is isolated in order to tell if this is code or external.

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    Any calls to file_dir(), file_setdir(), file_createdir(), or file_removedir()?
    Those are the file functions that return an error value of -4: invalid directory path.

    Was this update a hardware change from NI to NX ?
    Case matters at string literal file paths (including file type) on an NX and can drive some very annoying file i/o errors.

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