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Apologies in advance, as I'm probably in the wrong forum.

I'm not an A/V tech, and our company's A/V tech quit. This is probably a long-shot, but
we have an AMX: DVX-2255HD controller, and are unable to get a signal on any of our
presentation options.

We have a tablet where you can select: Front Laptop; Back Laptop, Wireless Presentation; Room PC and Cable TV

No matter what connection we opt for, we get no signal. There is power to the large mounted screen.

So far I've

  • power cycled the Dell box
  • reseated the cables to the dell box
  • swapped out the dell box

On the LED/status lights in front, I have:

  1. Link/ACT = green
  2. Status = green
  3. Output = red
  4. Input = Yellow

Might anyone be able to direct me to other troubleshooting options?




  • fogled@mizzou[email protected] h4x354x0r Posts: 549

    Can you download the manuals from AMX? You should be able to get into the web interface to verify whether you've got valid signals going in, as well as check and confirm switching and routing in the switcher. You can always literally use an HDMI joiner to jumper past the entire switch, unless you're only using the DXLink out. Using a regular HDMI cable and a display as a test for the output is a good test.

    I'm sure you're getting plenty of offers of help from independents on this board as well.

  • Thanks. I couldn't get the manual off the AMX site, but I found it on another site. I found out where to locate the IP address, and how to access the console.

    Unfortunately, checking for valid signals, and confirming switching are a bit out of my scope.

    To add to the "Doh!" factor is that this office used a third party vendor (not the corp. approved one) to set all this up, and we are no longer in contact with them.

  • fogled@mizzou[email protected] h4x354x0r Posts: 549

    Once you're logged in to the system, it's under the "Switcher" tab, pull down to "switching." Under Video -> Video In tab, or System tab, Inputs that have a valid signal show in green, inputs without a valid signal show in red. If you take a laptop and a known good HDMI cable (works to a display) and plug it into one of the DVX ports, then refresh the switcher interface, you should see the input "go green." If it doesn't, you're gonna have to call someone who handles AMX stuff.

  • Thanks very much.

    I uploaded a couple of screenshots to my Google Drive. If you have a sec, and
    wouldn't mind, could you take a look?


  • fogled@mizzou[email protected] h4x354x0r Posts: 549

    OK, yeah... your first obvious problem is that "None" is selected as the input. Those radio buttons are the crosspoints for your switching.

    Your Enzo is outputting a signal OK (showing in green)
    Your Comcast box is feeding a signal OK
    Your Room PC video signal is dead, and your Cisco SX 20 video signal is dead. (showing in red)

    I don't know anything about your control system; it may be normal that "None" is selected when the system is in the "Off" state. When you turn it on and select an input, the selection radio buttons in the switcher interface should change (hit the Refresh button, upper right). Try that.

    If they don't switch inputs, use the radio buttons directly in the switcher interface to select one of the "green" inputs (Enzo or Comcast) to verify that you've got signal throughput. If you get a projected image when switching to those sources, the signal distribution itself is working OK.

    If the switcher doesn't change it's inputs when the system is on and you hit the input selection buttons on the control panel, that means your control program isn't running correctly. You'll need professional help to take care of that. If the switcher does change inputs as expected from the control panel, that means the DVX box itself is reasonably healthy and working like it should.

    If your PC is up and on, and it isn't showing green in the DVX interface, you problem is likely in the PC display settings, bad cable, or bad video card/chipset. If you can't get any laptops to provoke a "green" display in the switcher interface, it's probably a bad cable.

    That's probably enough to get you going. Welcome the the AV profession. Let me know what your test results are.

  • Thanks again for the reply and info, it's been a big help.

    So I'm in San Francisco. Our corp office is in NY, and they use a company based out of Columbus, OH to install and support our A/V. The OH company installed some of our equipment. The rest of it was installed by another company that the local office here went through because they didn't want to wait for NY to approve, purchase, install etc... (the office was moving to a new floor and it wasn't very well planned out). Oh, and there's zero documentation.

    I spent 2 hours on the phone with 2 Ohio techs. I got them access to that web interface, and not sure of what all they did (they weren't familiar with all of the equipment so I was relaying info and they were googling), but the main issue appeared to be one of the 2 transmitters mounted under the conf. table had a glitch and needed to be power cycled. Same with the room camera. That and, as you relayed, those switcher outputs were wrong.

    So anyway, my long winded reply is that we did get everything back up and running, and we also now have a bit of documentation that should make things a bit easier moving forward.

    Thanks again very much for all your help!

  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,626

    There are still AMX-aware installers in the Bay Area. We're in San Jose. There are others.
    You don't need to go it alone.

  • fogled@mizzou[email protected] h4x354x0r Posts: 549

    Very glad to hear you got things going again! Getting several levels deep in remote support like that is always tough. A gold star for your team ;-)

    I would also like to put in a plug for John and his organization, if you're looking to establish new relationships with great, reliable AV vendors. John and his company are among the best of the best.

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