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Installation of a Video distribution system over Ethernet

Dear All,

I may need to distribute a raw video signal to various destinations over Gigabit Ethernet, for near future. I try to estimate that how much workmanship do I need for hardware & software installation of such an video dsitribution system. What are the components of this kind of very standard video distribution system over Gigabit Ethernet. If directly ready-to-use COTs products are avaliable for each components of this video distribution system, please offer them to me. Note that I may need industrial (wider temperature range) or embedded version of your products.

Thank you.

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  • HARMAN_icraigieHARMAN_icraigie Technical Trainer II, Harman Professional University Posts: 580

    Encoders at the sources, decoders at the destinations.
    The actual products selected are dependent on the system requirements and application.
    In the case of SVSi Network AV products the networking switch environment will have to support IGMP v2 with the sufficient bandwidth at the physical interconnections.

    Check out Network AV Design Certification path for a lot more information.

  • don_rtdon_rt Posts: 2

    Dear @HARMAN_icraigie ,

    Thank you for response. I have to take those online courses to install the video distribution system? Are those free or not?

    I try to distribute my video over Ethernet. i.e : try to basicly casting, say Multicasting. That is true that I need a IGMPv2 switch. What are the specific hardware & software requirements at the both source and destination sides, for a very typical Multicasting work? Can you provide COTs hardware & software products for multicasting?

    Thank you.

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