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Mute Function

The Mute Function on my touch panel no longer works. The button still reacts when touched and you can see the command being sent in notifications. No code was changed and i cant find anything that would have caused it to all of the sudden stop working. You do have the mute function when you use the remote it self


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    MLaletasMLaletas Posts: 226

    Uh...... what device is it supposed to be controlling...? What command is it sending? Through what control method? You cant just leave us hanging like that.

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    HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 598

    To recap - you have a system that has been deployed for some time. Control code was working, but something changed and now the MUTE button on the touch panel is no longer properly executing the MUTE function on the 3rd party device? How is AMX controlling the 3rd party device? Is it IR, Serial, or ethernet? What is the controlled device? Is it a satellite set top box, display device, stereo receiver? Is there a chance the 3rd party device had a recent firmware update (automatically applied or manually)? If the physical OEM remote control for the device still works, but your AMX command no longer works AND this is an IR controlled device - there could be a pulse time change that is now expected by the 3rd party device. Are you able to leverage CONTROL A DEVICE in netlinx studio to play with the pulse time?

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