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NCommand Response to monitor


I am working on a large project of a courthouse that has SVSi technology for video switchings along with Crestron control system.
I created a control module using SIMPL# (C#) and has been running some stresstesting to ensure its stability and all looks good.
Where I'm stuck is with parsing the monitor response coming back from the NCommand which I'm mostly going to use for moniroring the online status of each end-point.
What I couldn't find in the API documentation is the structure of the values being pushed to the status change event.
For example I receive:;0;1;1;1;Live Play;1;22;0;1;0;auto;1280x720\x0D
But what each value is representing? Except the obvious ones (IP, etc)
Is there any doc that goes deeper into the details of the response structure of the NCommand?


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    Thanks for the information. I always rtfm first ;)

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    Request to get a manual with ALL the information has been submitted and escalated through Tech Support

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    The manual is in the process of being posted to the website with the updated monitor packet information for the SVSI product lines.

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