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Seeking Trainee Programmer Opportunity

Hello Everyone,

Recently saved a Netlinx3100 and a couple of MVP5200i touch panels from the bin. Had a lot of fun firstly getting the thing to work, discovering that a capacitor needed replacing then to discover that I hadn’t reset the device after setting the dip switches. This was an interesting voyage in to the AMX world alone.…. and I was almost defeated, not willing to give up on the old device I plodded along.

Later, I discovered which programs had to be used in order to design and compile the code, which program was required to design the touch panel and what steps were required to set the panels on my home network. Additionally, it was necessary to download various examples of others codes (a lot of which when over my head initially) and begin plugging away. I used the telnet tool to test various botches of string to ports until I began to see results. I now have a very very basic understanding of sending strings, levels etc. but some of the serious programming is to difficult for me to untangle having next to no programming experience. My next step is to seek official AMX training.

I’m using this post to put the feelers out for a potential junior position in the UK learning and assisting with AMX control systems. I do not wish to relocate as I’m comfortable. However, I will happily travel far and wide and I’m willing to stay away for weeks at a time as I currently do.

At present, I work as an installation engineer for a small company installing sound systems, multimedia systems and control systems. I’m comfortable with most standard terminations and I have experience programming DSP, control systems (predominantly Extron and Kramer) and a few years ago I completed Extron’s ECP control course.

If anyone has any good ideas! I would be happy to hear it, struggling to find new relevant positions online!

Every day’s a learning day !



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    Do the Control Associate course to get started. It's video based and it goes over a lot of Netlinx basics and you'll get a cert at the end of it by sending in the program you've been working on along the length of the course.

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