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BRYSTON Serial Protocol

Dear All,
I have been asked to control the B17 3 BRYSTON pre amplifier. It is an expensive device and I was expecting it to have a detailed group of feedback serial commands. Unfortunately, you can see in the below documentation, that feedback is very poor. Just a '>' character indicating that the device is ready to receive the next command and a '!' character for not valid ones...
In such devices, we need a least the status for the power, inputs, volume level and mute, etc. In the case of this model we have NOTHING !!!
There is only a volume level query command which must be forced sent whenever is needed. No auto volume feedback !!!!
Has anyone of you tried any different packet of serial commands ? Are there any ? It may be a stupid question but I can not believe that BRYSTON gives only that protocol.
Any other experiences with BRYSTON ?




  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,628

    Consider working within their limitations, and populate your "feedback" with whatever you are telling the Bryston to do, instead of telling it and expecting it to tell you back. Presume that if you get a ">" after you tell it to be at 30%, that it is at 30%, and that you can put 30% on your panel. And presume that if it says "!" after a command, that you need to do something like resend the command. Just as you would if the unit replied 42% when you sent the 30% command.

    Yes, you say, but what if someone manually turns the volume up or changes things at the front panel? Well, that would pretty well mess anything up anyway. And if you form your command sequence to fully demand all settings, correction of an interloper is only one touch away. To which your Bryston will cheerfully say ">"

  • richardhermanrichardherman not-so-junior member Posts: 310

    I Like John's positive attitude towards this. But it still is an awful, crappy protocol ... :p

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