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Check how long the processor is on

Hi, is there anyway for me to check how long the unit has been on? Example log in to the unit via telnet and then entering "up time"? Please and thank you


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    GET_TIMER would do de job

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    Assuming the processor won't be on for longer than 13 years. It will start over... :D

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    mushmush Posts: 287

    GET_TIMER is only available in code. If you want to know without coding do the following;
    Telnet into your master and type 'msg on all' and then wait for a message it will have a time stamp which is a millisecond counter that has been running since boot.
    e.g (0006970491) (Reader=756683856 writer=740824144)- CMessagePipe::Max = 25
    Seconds = 6970491/1000 = 6970.491
    Minutes = 6970.491/60 = 116.17485
    Hours = 116.17485/60 = 1.9362475

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