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Acendo Core - Unstable


We have an Acendo Core in our meeting room, which we get complaints on very often.
Users are mainly complaining about overall slowness, and unstability on Skype for business, getting kicked out of skype conversations.

Have anyone experienced this with the acendo core?


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    HARMAN_RobHARMAN_Rob Posts: 230
    edited June 2019

    Sorry you're having trouble @dakb . I haven't heard of this issue... did you open a Tech Support ticket?

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    quirkquirk Posts: 28

    Hi @dakb, please send an e-mail to HProTechSupportUSA@harman.com to diagnose the issues you're experiencing.

    If you are not on v. please update and test, you can find the update here: https://files.harmanpro.com/t/rdjnpeq9 Extract the file, put the .exe on a flash drive, restart the core and it will begin the update. Once the update is complete please login to the coreadmin session, let it completely finish the update.

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