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import and re-configure existing NI-900 Controller

SietseSietse Posts: 1
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Hi Guys,

At my company we have 3 lecture rooms with existing AMX Netlinx NI-900 controllers.
through a basic 6-button panel it controls switching the projector on and off (a Panasonic PT-EZ570)
and selecting the source and volume on a Kramer VP-438.

We are upgrading our projectors to Epson EB-L1200's and i'd like to change the RS-232 Send Command going to the projector to switch it on and off.

This is what i;ve done so far:

.1. connected to the NI-900 with NetLinx Studio via LAN.
.2. downloaded all the files that i could get from the controller using the "File Transfer - Receive" option
.3. created a new Workspace and important the files from step 2 in the same folders.
.4. looked at the source file and found and changed the Send Commands going to the RS-232 port to the projector
.5. saved and compile and send both the SRC and TKN file to the NI-900. rebooted it.
.6. tested it. not working.

am i missing any steps? i noticed it had this module loaded: Panasonic_PTEZ570E_Comm_dr1_0_0.jar
do i need to change the module to the new Epson projector for this to work?

all i changed in the source file was this part:

SEND_STRING dvDisplayLocal,"$02,'PON',$03"
SEND_STRING dvDisplayLocal,"$02,'PWR ON',$03"

and the same with POF to PWR OFF.

i also changed the BAUDRATE to 9600 instead of 19200 that it was set to.

and yes i tested on a pc with putty connected to the new Epson projectors and they switch on with the PWR ON command.

Source file is here:

Any help would be much appreciated as the company that had installed these controllers in the past went out of business and we like to be able to control and update these ourselves.


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    The Panasonic module is commented out, so that doesn't get loaded.

    You changed it from "$02,'PON',$03" to "$02,'PWR ON',$03"...what is the $02 and $03 for? Are these specifically for the Panasonic projector? In which case, they would not be needed for the Epson projector.
    Does the Epson projector require a terminator, e.g. $0D?

    There is a lot of functions doing the same as the button events - are these needed? Looks very complex.


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    MLaletasMLaletas Posts: 226

    Panasonics uses the STX and ETX in their structure (at least serial). Epson does not, the string should be "'PWR ON',$0D", with a CR. Lastly im pretty certain Epsons and Panasonics DB9 pinout are reversed with the TX/RX, so that would need to be changed as well.

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