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MVP-7500 setup page

I've just acquired some more touch panels. One of these is an MVP-7500. Annoyingly, it appears that the installer has configured this one to disable access to the Setup pages via the front panel buttons.
So, is there another way to get into the Setup pages?
Or, is there a way to reset this panel to its factory default?
I've tried connecting a USB cable to it, but I still can't get access because it is not setup for this...and I can't set it up for this because I haven't got access to the Setup pages.
I can't connect it to the network, as I can't get into the Setup pages to configure the WiFi.


  • Press and hold the bottom left and cursor down?

  • What Ian suggested will probably work, if not, you could try powering the panel off, pressing your finger somewhere in the center area while powering it on, keep pressing until you get to the setup. Don't know if it works for this specific panel.

    IIRC the WiFi on the 7500 is WEP encryption only (or no encryption). You'll probably need a separate AP for this.

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734

    Richard is correct, the radio in the 7500 is likely the original and very limited in security protocols. The radio can be replaced, but really, the 7500 isn't worth the trouble. Terrible blotchy appearance of pages, bad color, slow imaging, nasty beeps. An 8400, if you must go old, is better 92 ways (actual list not available) and nearly free on the bay of E. Better yet, jump to a 5200 or 9000 and get close to modern WIFI standards.

  • And now I have to agree with John, the MVP-7500 is just awful. The ones that I replaced went straight to the trash.. If you are viewing more than 2 degrees off-axis, good luck seeing anything and just forget about seeing it in the correct color. You could clearly see the grid, it's only 640x480 and the battery should probably be replaced.
    It's really not worth it.

  • Hi all,

    Thank you for your words of advice.

    I'm away on holiday now for a couple of weeks, so will need to try this when I get back.

    I got, a while back, a 8400i screen but the batteries where duff. Then this listing came up on the bay, which was a 8400; a 7400; table dock; and some batteries for next to nothing. I bought it for the dock and batteries, so getting an extra 8400 and a 7500 is just a bonus (I was just going to use them for spare parts)...the fact that they both work is even better - just need to get into the 7500 setup page.

    I have seen some 5200 units on the bay, but have considered that it would be a 5" screen which I think is too small. Haven't really looked at the 9000...but will keep an eye out for one now.

    I don't have these units for anything serious - just play around with and try things before doing anything for real for paying clients.



  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734

    Note that "all" original batteries for 8400 and 7500 units are at least 10 years old, and if working at all, have not long for this life. "Someone" on the bay of E is selling rebuilt batteries with brand new innards for all the AMX touch panels. They seem really good according to the buyers.

  • OK, back off my hols and I've tried that putting my finger in the middle while turning on...it worked. Thank you.

    Oddly I can't get it to do a site survey, but it picks up my WiFi network...although can't connect as I haven't told it what the password is yet.

    But I see what you mean - it really is a crap panel.

    The weird thing is that I looked at the properties of the project on the device and the author is none other than a former colleague of mine...before he joined the company were he and I worked together for 8 years before he moved on (only a couple of months ago, mind you). Funny old world!

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734

    The original radio cards for the 7500 and 8400 did not support site survey. You needed to know the SSID and password and protocol and enter them manually. And it only did WEP I believe.

  • Cheers John - Just found that the radio card in my 8400 does support site survey. Someone must've upgraded it. It works a treat in the 7500...shame the panel just point blank refuses to connect to the master. I can't talk to it over USB either...so it's getting resigned to the junk/spares pile.

  • I've just got another haul of panels from the bay of E, over here in the UK.

    Amongst the panels are 3 x 8400 and another 7500. One of the 8400 units connects to my WiFi (and thence my controller) fine, while the other two have older radio cards, so won't connect (even if I fudge my router to do WEP).
    However, and more surprisingly for me, the 7500 does connect to my WiFi and my controller. Happy Days.

    So, can I take the radio card from this 7500 and put into one of the non-connecting 8400 panels?

    Other items in this haul included a load of CP/4 panels...connection via AXLink. Looks interesting (although only one appears to be fully working, while the rest have issues with the screen).

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734

    The radio cards are interchangeable between the 7500 and 8400, whether they are the upgraded version or not.

    Using the G3 CP4 panels will be a challenge in code that expects to talk G4, let alone G5.

  • geraldholdsworthgeraldholdsworth Posts: 61
    edited August 2020

    Just tried the radio card in the 8400 and I still can't connect. Would it be the firmware (2.43.21) is too old to know about these cards?
    In which case here lies the issue - I can't connect it to WiFi to upgrade the firmware, and I can't connect via USB to do the same (I've followed a couple of posts I found here, but the device is just not seen by TPDesign4 or Netlinx Studio 4).

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734
    edited August 2020

    Time to spend $10 and try another 8400... consider what your hourly rate is and determine the real cost of salvage.

  • Joe HebertJoe Hebert Posts: 2,159

    @John Nagy said:
    Time to spend $10 and try another 8400...

    And another $200 for the kickstand...

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,734
    edited August 2020

    Odds are that the kickstand from his old one isn't affected by the connection issue.
    And besides, I'm likely not the only one with new kickstands in boxes. $10 each would look better on my shelves. You must be shopping in the wrong places.

  • This is just me doing it for me...and trying to learn some stuff along the way. You never know what you might get faced with at a client's site. I'd rather turn up knowing I've seen this problem before, that turn up without a clue.
    OK, I know finding a client with a 16 year old touch panel might be slim, but I'm sure the same principles can be applied to newer panels.

  • @John Nagy said:
    And besides, I'm likely not the only one with new kickstands in boxes. $10 each would look better on my shelves. You must be shopping in the wrong places.

    I've got loads of kickstands, unused. The choice on Ebay in the UK is not as great as the US site. I'd much rather have a 9000, but there is not that many over here for sale.

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