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MT-1002 vs MXT-1001

Can anyone tell me the evolution of the MT-1002 compared to the MXT-1001 ?
The characteristics are very similar, I see he no longer has a webcam.
But are there other differences ?


  • I don't think there is an evolution. The MXT-1001 was a rather expensive panel and I guess AMX needed a capacitive touch G5 panel that was cheaper to manufacture. Buildwise it is a MST-1001 plastic housing with a capacitive panel, don't know for sure, but it looks like a different panel than the MXT-1001, touch on the MXT just feels 'better'. The 7" panel is now also 1280x800, which has advantages and disadvantages.

    There is an annoying bug in the firmware, where the 'online' event won't run when you restart the panel, that's usually the place to do some initialisation. There are clunky workarounds, no idea if and when this is going to be fixed.

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,702

    Many corporate and military sites do not allow hardware with cameras, even if not connected. Same reason the S series will stay around, government ADA requires touch panels be available that work with prosthetic fingers (capacitive does not).

  • I understand, your arguments are good.

    However, it is stated that the Modero S series is no longer available for sale since March 31, 2019.

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,702
    edited August 2019

    That got by me. There goes the neighborhood for reasonable priced panels.
    And now the only available G4 panels are the X series NC (No Camera).
    And there is no ADA compliant panel at all? Or has this regulation also changed in the Trump rollbacks?

  • Well, as far as I know, we can't get the X series NC anymore either (Europe). Only panels that are 'available' are the G5 MT/MD series. In fact, it's gettting harder and harder to get any device from AMX. It could be a result from the Samsung acquisition (new, dumb distributors) but it doesn't feel right :(

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,702

    Yes, we've gone through four or more distributors so far in the last 2 years here in Northern California, and we had to explain what the products were for to the distributors. And how to order them. And how they worked. And then fight through seemingly endless mistakes in billing, one that tied up many thousands of dollars on a credit card for months before they admitted they didn't know what the charge was for... insanity.

  • HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 516
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    @John Nagy said:
    There goes the neighborhood for reasonable priced panels.

    John, the MD/MT series of panels are the lowest priced panel we have ever sold. Are you seeing higher prices? As for ADA compliance, I cannot speak to that, but will inquire with product management. The camera and mic have been removed, and we combined the best features of the Modero S, Modero X, and Acendo Book panels into this new product.

    The ability to re-purpose the in-wall versions of this panel from being locked into a traditional user interface or dedicated scheduling panel is very exciting to me and I believe it makes for a much better user story. Previously, you would have to purchase a new panel to achieve a different behavior.

  • John NagyJohn Nagy Posts: 1,702

    I haven't had a price list for well over a year... our distribution sources barely admit to selling AMX let alone sharing such things as marketing information. Glad to hear the prices may be lower!

  • Duncan EllisDuncan Ellis Posts: 139
    edited August 2019

    in the UK we have one distributor, Midwich. This works fine - they have AMX specialists and their customer service is really good - including RMA's. We had a faulty NX out of the box and they collected it and delivered a new one.
    Personally, I know how everyone goes on about how good Crestron is - have you seen the amounts of issues they have with firmwares and updates to databases and VTPro...its lots, daily! I know the big 'C' put out loads of products but in reality I would expect a control systems manufacturer to provide me with controllers, Touchscreens and preferably a remote - unfortunately AMX has made the decision that resi is not its focus - who can really blame them when you are competing with the likes of C4 and Elan.
    I still have no problem doing resi with what is provided - I actually use Crestron remotes via an MC3 processor. The rest is down to writing my own code for devices - which is the bit I actually like. A lot of Crestron guys programming skills come just above C4, being able to link modules together and a bit of feedback. The guys who are good at it ...are really good.
    Crestron are trying to compete in the market with the new version of Pyng, but it also has its issues - as all systems which need 'minimal' programming do. they rely on auto setup and discovery, which doesn't always work.
    AMX is more reliable than other manufacturers, the programming base is far better and so is the UI creation. AMX puts the emphasis on the programmer rather than the kit, the kit provides the platform.

    We do Crstrn from time to time but not by choice and unless AMX was discontinued, I would not change over.

    In my opinion, which doesn't probably count for much, if AMX supported Resi properly I think the market is there - but govt work and other commercial stuff is probably far bigger bucks. However, I have no problem trundling along on my own doing our version of resi - more versions of touchscreens would be nice though, plus HTML support and perhaps some access to DUET with tuition.

    AMX flag flown....done!

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