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Firmware upgrade on NI3000, advice needed

Hey AMX-afficianados, am i mistaken or does the firmware upgrading of a NI3000 need both serial RS232 cable & lan?

I have one NI3000 with the very first firmwares, v. 112 in it.
I could use some help here... :)

And would like to upgrade it to the latest, which is described below:

NI Series (NI-2000, NI-3000, NI-4000)
Release Date May 25, 2004

NetLinx firmware version 135 provides an enhanced web server and expanded file directory capabilities.

New Features

* Enhanced multi-tasking capabilities in web server.
* Revised internal G4WC Send command (to master 0:1:0) to add G4 WebControl devices to Web control list displayed in the browser.
* Expanded file directory capabilities to greater than 200 files.
* International support for Server Certificate page.

Release Date May 26, 2004

NI Device firmware version 118 addresses several known IR and Serial issues
See Release Notes for complete description


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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    The LAN port is on the master, not the NI chassis. The NI itself only has your RS-232, IR/serial, relay, and I/O ports. Even though the master is integrated in the unit, they are seen as seperate devices, so a full upgrade would mean both the 2105_NI_Master_kit_v2_30_135.kit for the master, and the 2105_NI_X000_v1.00.118.kit for the NI chassis.

    I make it a point to upgrade all firmware whenever one becomes available. Some say, "don't fix it if it ain't broke," but as far as I'm concerned, firmware is basic enough that if they need to release an upgrade, it's broke whether I noticed it or not. What's nice about NetLinx is you can load the firware from your desk without even going to the site :). Of course, don't do it at 5:00 PM on a Friday in case something does go wrong and you have to make a panic run there :).
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    RaitsaRaitsa Posts: 10
    Thank you for the reply DHawthorne, highly appreciated.

    Lemme see if i get it:

    the NI chassis cant be upgraded from a distance, it has to be done on site? Via the RS232?

    But the master can be upgraded from a distance, for example my desk PC?

    It does not matter which one is upgraded first?

    Thanks in advance :)
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    Both can be upgraded from a distance via TCP if you have that kind of access in the first place. Otherwise it's the ol' RS-232 port or a local network connection. I guess I misunderstood your question - though NetLinx Studio connects via the master's LAN port, they all talk to each other once connected and you can get at the entire system once you are in. I was thinking you were asking if the LAN port was upgraded by the NI firmware.
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    RaitsaRaitsa Posts: 10
    The story continues:

    It seems i have been too quick to terminate the program: Netlinx Studio waited for about 4 minutes until it started to send in the 2105_NI_Master_kit_v2_30_135.kit

    1. 1st upload will fail in the final 4th stage, no worries.
    2. reboot NI3000.
    3 2nd upload cycle finishes ok.
    4. reboot NI3000.

    New firmware went succesfully in.

    After that i uploaded the 2105_NI_X000_v1.00.118.kit succesfully.

    But i could not see the 118 installed until i shut down & restarted the Netlinx Studio, it kept showing me 112 even though i refreshed the network tree view.

    Anyways, all is running smoothly now, thanks again DHawthorne ;)
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