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Doorbell Through AMX System........

ImpaqtImpaqt Junior MemberPosts: 155
Just pulled an Intellinet system and replaced with AMX.... THe one complaint the client has is the lack of a Doorbell... Go figure...

ANyway, I think this could be simple.... Run the trigger into an IO on the NI-2000, Have the AS-16 Store the Current Input/Volume Matrix as a Preset. Move to a Doorbell Preset. Play a WAV File... Then recall the Preset we set in step 1.

Seems logical to me right??? Heres the question. WHat do I use to generate the Wav file. Needs to be fast and triggerable with a simple contact or RS-232 string....


  • Joe HebertJoe Hebert Junior Member Posts: 2,159

    I recommend checking out CFSound. I used CFSound as part of a phone interface solution and it worked great. You can trigger from contact closure and you have complete control with a simple RS-232 protocol. Good bang for the buck.

  • wcravenelwcravenel Junior Member Posts: 114
    Just came across one of these while upgrading a system, it was in place, so I did not change the wav files. Controlled just as stated.

    Existing AS-16 - saved preset, turned up volume, played wav, waited for the RS232 feedback from this piece that said wav file had finished playing !!! - then set the preset back.

    Very nice.


  • ImpaqtImpaqt Junior Member Posts: 155
    Ended up ordering this http://www.pricom.com/Trains/DreamPlayer.html

    Pretty cool piece. Uses a SD card to store the WAV Files for the client can even change the Rings if he's halfway computer savy....

    I'll let ya know how it works out.
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