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Knox Volume Control

kennyannkennyann Junior MemberPosts: 113
I am trying to see what is the best way to control volume on any switchers.

There are two options I think:

1. Poll the knox switcher or any other switcher to get the current volume control. Use that value in the level feedback on the touch panel.

2. Use the value from the desired volume level the customer wants by using the level value and controlling the switcher.

I hope this makes sense. I appreicate your ideas.


  • champchamp Junior Member Posts: 261
    I do both

    When the user adjusts volume, set the feedback to show where the volume should be.
    When you get feedback from the device (from ack or polling), set the panel feedback accordingly.
    Sometimes the fader may jump a little, bit tweaking can fix this.

    This way the user is happy they can see stuff is being done instantly and the feedback works whether it is one way (IR or dodgy protocol) or two way comms.
  • kennyannkennyann Junior Member Posts: 113
    Thank you for the reply

    What do you mean about dodgy protocol?

    How do you do feedback for IR? I guess that goes with the dodgy protocol.

    Thank you
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