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Panasonic wv-np472

Has somebody this network camera used? It streams (m)JPEG and sometime is get pictures on my MVP-8400 but the update is really slow and not stable.
The strange this is that this camera stream JPEG with time stamps a seperated pictures. Everytime you log on with IE you get another UserID.
A work aroud is to use the directory cgi-bin/camera but this gives one picture at the time. I write some code with IP_CLIENT_OPEN but this doesn't work. Also the refresh command for dynamic pictures on the MVP-8400 make no sense. Anybody any idea?
Thank a lot

Edit: It took me a whole day but i found the solution. Maybe it's interesting for you all so a small description. Create a directory in the netlinx controller (with a group,user and password and enable FTP axcess for this user ,group and directory) Give the same info in the Panasonic device on the ftp transfer page. Give in TPdesign the info from the netlinx controller (ip,directory,filename username and password) and here you go.
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