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Studio and NetLinx firmware updates

It would seem that updating NetLinx Studio can break working Duet modules if the master firmware is not up-to-date. I spent several hours trying to get a module to work the other day - it talked fine with the device, but none of the control interface commands worked. The Tech Support person was running out of idea, though he did say several times that the 3.00.316 revision of the firmware should be fine, even though an update was available, because the module itself was not new. Finally, in exasperation, I just said, "I'm going to load the new firmware anyway, just in case," and that did the trick.

Since the NI chassis 1.00.118 firmware debacle, I have been in the habit of not upgrading to new firmware when they come out unless I had a specific problem I hoped to correct. In this case, that habit did not serve me well at all.
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