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Running Time

A newbie looking for some advise:

I have the need to keep track of and display the current running time of a external process. Also a cumulative running time in a given month. And display it on a MIO Modero Keypad with LCD.

Suggestions on the best way to do this?

My initial thoughts a time line that increments a counter for me. Some manipulations for display in the proper format and some internal variables to keep track of it all. Am I progressing down the proper path?

Thanks in advance.



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    Use i!TimeManager

    If your system is going to be connected to the Internet, I suggest you use the i!TimeManager Solution and base your counters on absolute time instead of relative time. For short counters, Timelines should be reasonably accurate.
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    DHawthorneDHawthorne Posts: 4,584
    The internal timers in a NetLinx master are simply not designed for precision. If your log can tolerate cumulative minor false increments when the code lagged your timeline or wait, you can do it that way. I've had some success with things like sleep timers setting a variable for a timer value, then using a once-a-second timeline to decrement it. But I wouldn't do that for anything timing critical. For that you will want to reference an outside timer, and i!-TimeManager is a good choice for updating the intertal clock on that basis.
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    Thank you for your feed back.

    My timer needs are not really time critical. If it is accurate to a few minutes over a 12 hour period we are good to go. So it feels like the timeline even with a counter at the minute level would serve me well.

    Thanks again,
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