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AXB-DMX512 Levels Question

A question for AMX Tech Support...

In Software History 2, the following statement is made in Revision History notes for the AXB-DMX512 box:

"NEW COMMANDS for v1.10: Not Released yet."

Were the commands in this section ever finished and released? In particular, I would like to tie an AMX level to the Actual DMX output for a channel. According to Software History, the command should be AO, but that command doesn't work. Were these commands abandonded? Or just a work in progress?



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    Did you fix it?

    I have been using this box recently and have been doing various things with it, i have not heard of that command before, but i found it in the software history. did you check the notifications window to see if the command was actualy sent?
    AO <AMX Level> D <DMX Output >
    Connect a DMX Output to a AMX Level. Only one DMX Output can
    be connected to a AMX level at one time. AMX levels can be only
    tied to one thing at a time.
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    dchristodchristo Posts: 177
    Nick wrote:
    Did you fix it?

    Hmmm... I don't remember. ;-) I don't think so. I believe I ended up having the levels tied to the Direct Control buffer. I'd have to go back and look.

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    I have several question marks about the DMX-512 and the DMX bus system.

    I have a lamp that is switching off a few seconds after the last dmx command. is this normal? do I have to send a command every few seconds?
    SEND_COMMAND dvDmxGateway,'DZ'                // Clear direct buffer
    SEND_COMMAND dvDmxGateway,'GE1-96'                       // Clear groups
    SEND_COMMAND dvDmxGateway,'GA1D1-4'            // Define group 1
    SEND_COMMAND dvDmxGateway,'GT1R100'   // Set dimramp
    SEND_COMMAND dvDmxGateway, 'GR1L200T50'  

    Setting the last command sets the lamp to a value. but a few seconds after, the lamp switches off. does this have to do with the T50 ?? is it on only for 5 seconds?

    is there a way to switch on a lamp for infinite time?
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    TurnipTruckTurnipTruck Posts: 1,485
    I love AMX, but if you need to do serious DMX lighitng control, I would recommend a different DMX interface.

    NSI/Leviton makes an I/F501. Although you cannot tie Axcess levels to it, it excels for a very important reason. The AXB-DMX512 can only ramp one DMX channel at a time. Therefore, if you start a slow ramp on one DMX channel and start another before the first completes, the ramping of the first will stop. I have had the I/F501 doing at least 15 or so different channel ramps simultaniously, NSI says it can ramp all 512 simultaniously, although serial control is supposedly limited to the first 100 DMX channels.

    I have done a lot of architectural dimming applications with the I/F501 with great results.

    The I/F501 operates one-way serial, offering you no feedback nor internal presetting like the AXB-DMX512 oferrs, everything must run from your code.

    See page 11 of the attached file. Note the picture of the modern PC.
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