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Hello everyone
Just a suggestion that I would like to see. I, like many I'm sure work both from the office and home. I also have 2 email accounts. I can only put 1 email on my AMX account. It would be really great if I could have both my emails accounts active so I don't miss an important email from AMX, AMX forums etc.


  • Get authorized for account manager and add another 'employee'

    Kevin D.
  • champchamp Posts: 261
    I have created a Yahoo account and set it to faorward mail to my extisting POP account, then added that as an account in my chosen mail client program.

    Or even better you could create a Yahoo account and have it retrieve mail from your extisting POP account, then you can get all your mail anywhere you're on the web.

    Once you create and logged into the account select the options tab at the middle to top right of the screen. The options page management section tells you exactly how to do what I just suggested.

    I'm sure others like gmail can do the same, just haven't tried yet.
  • Thanks guys, both good suggestions.
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