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Amazing technology

While this isn't exactly AMX-related, it does involve the realm of touchpanels. For those who saw Minority Report, this technology is very much like what they had in the movie, except this isn't Hollywood FX. I don't know about anyone else, but I found the short film clip on the site to be absolutely amazing.
So how long before we see the Multi-touch Modero?

Link: http://mrl.nyu.edu/~jhan/ftirtouch/



  • Joe HebertJoe Hebert Posts: 2,159
    That was definitely worth a view, Joe. I was intrigued when I was introduced to SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) technology. SAW touch screens not only report back X and Y coordinates on a touch but the Z axis is also in play and the Z axis is dependent on how hard the user pushes. Multi-Touch surely blows SAW away.
    Joe wrote:
    So how long before we see the Multi-touch Modero?
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