Danish Interpretation System DCS 6000

sskannansskannan Junior MemberPosts: 4

Does anyone have the control codes or macro for the DCS 6000 digital coferencing system?



  • Chip MoodyChip Moody Junior Member Posts: 727
    Kannan, I thought you were trying to control a DCS unit from that "other" platform...

    In any case, you can get the full RS232 guide from the folks at DIS, or more specifically - their US reps. Let me know if you have difficulty contacting them, and I'll see if I have any old names/email addresses.

    - Chip
  • sskannansskannan Junior Member Posts: 4
    Danish Interpretation System DCS 6000


    Thats correct.I just recieved the RS 232 guide from the manufacturer and there found two steps to send the commands to it.

    1. Send command to Power Up of the DCS after connecting to the Ext Controller.
    2. Send command to Power Up of the DCS before connecting to Ext Controller.

    I have gathered the codes for both the above and and it seems to be challenging. let me try it out today and get back to you.

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