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List of errors

mrichard_2Smrichard_2S Posts: 1
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I am trying to locate a list of all the different types of errors so I can resolve a few programming issues. I have searched around the forum and web for such a list but have come up empty handed. Seems to me it would be included in the NetLinx Programming Reference guide, but again, it could not be found in a format similar to the error displayed in the log.

Here are the current errors I am receiving:
IPSocketManConnectTask - errno = 103 (Software caused connection abort) addr:9:23 IPSocketManConnectTask - errno = 9 (Bad file descriptor) addr:9:23

Thanks for your help/interest/experience.



  • I received error 103 when the IP address in my code and on the device did not match. Have not seen error 9.

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