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Sony PVP-PHZ10 projector settings for IP control from RPM project

Need to control Sony PVP-PHZ10 projector via IP from RPM project. In RPM device setup for Sony PVP-PHZ10 projector we can set only port and IP address. Default port in RPM - 53862.
In projector advanced network settings (page 49 of manual https://pro.sony/s3/2019/01/16070423/4695877121.pdf ) there are several different control protocols. Which of protocols are used by AMX RPM project driver and what settings should be? List of protocols in projector with default ports:
Advertisement Service, port 53862;
ADCP Service, port 53595;
PJ Talk Service, port 53484;
PJ Link Service;
DDDP Service.

Cant find the right combination.


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    I assume the model number is VPL-PHZ10?
    What happens or doesn't happen when you try to control it?

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    Yes, model VPL-PHZ10. No connection. Cant reinit driver.
    As temporary solution we changed model IN RPM to VPL-FHZ65 and it worked with PJ Talk Service, port 53484 and DDDP Service enabled.

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