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Hi , The unit above was sent to HQ for testing. Now it has come back with an unknown IP address. Can the unit be factory reset via hard buttons or another method to communicate with the unit to change IP details?? Many thanks


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    HARMAN_ChrisHARMAN_Chris Posts: 598
    edited September 2019

    At the root of the device, the Xpert player is a Microsoft Windows machine. To access the windows layer,

    Press Alt+F4 on the keyboard.
    The screen should change to something saying to Stop xpert.
    Press Ctrl+Alt+Del.
    The screen will change again.
    Press and hold the shift key while pressing logoff.
    Choose ISAdmin or on older units type or select administrator and login using the set (or default) password.

    A quick call into tech support may help get you over the final hurdle if you encounter any further difficulties -

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