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Decoder Disabling Netlinx

I’ve got a 4x4 system with N2000’s, one of my decoders occasionally will revert to its mac address as its device name as well as disabling netlinx. The unit retains all other info and functions it just becomes uncontrollable through netlinx. Any ideas as to what could cause this?


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    ericmedleyericmedley Posts: 4,177

    This kind of problem has plagued a lot of the SVSi systems I've had the misfortune of working on. The problems seem to come in two varieties: 1) SVSi devices mysteriously come back with settings all jacked up. Or 2) (and more commonly) the settings are correct but nothing works. In both caases the fix always seems to be to factory reset all the SVSi devices and reset all their settings. In each case it seems like it occurs after some period of months. The funny part is - as I type this right now - I'm on a support call with a technician onsite and we are doing this exact thing.

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