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How to reset the Key pad NX-CY 10?

I need to reset an NX-CY 10. it won't take a password or the default password.

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    Please confirm your part number. The NX-CY 10 does not sound correct.

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    I believe the memory of all information was wiped from one of the employees thinking they knew how to do it. is it possible to get this information back? or is it just time to toss it all out and get a replacement system....This current system may be old but it has worked well in the past until the employee got his hands on it.

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    John, if the device has been factory reset, or user panel pages removed, you can put files back on the device but it will require AMX Software and your project file. Within your organization, do you have access to the source code files running the site? Our hardware is essentially a blank canvas which is capable of many things. A systems integrator will develop a solution to solve your business need and then develop custom software to run the room/facility/site. Within this custom software solution, we create various digital files. One of these files will be the file that goes on this touch panel. The "programming" that makes the room work is located on a different device in the system. Is there more than 1 touch panel in the facility? In some cases, system integrators will write the project such that the graphics on the touch panel can be the same file, but variations are managed by the brains of the system called the central controller.

    If you have access to the original source code files, this would be preferred. If not, access to another panel would be a possible Plan B. Either way, you are going to need access to software and the knowledge on how to use the software. In these cases, we would suggest you connect with a local systems integrator or independent programmer who can not only resolve this problem, but can also provide support for the AV system.

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