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Sync Detection in data_event

ZachjZachj Junior MemberPosts: 12

Hello, I have a question regarding video sync detection on DX-TX's, mentioned in this archived thread.

My question is, considering the switcher sends unsolicited video status queries, will the command in the data_event continuously execute every time a query made or will it only execute when the status changes? For instance if I have the following code:
if(find_string(data.text, 'VALID SIGNAL', 1))

will 'doSomething()' continously execute while a valid signal is present or just when it changes from "NO SIGNAL' to 'VALID SIGNAL'?
Unfortunately I do not have a switcher present to test this at the moment. Thank you


  • richardhermanrichardherman not-so-junior member Posts: 339

    The event will only trigger when the signal state changes. I've used this with the DVX devices. IIRC there are 3 states: NO SIGNAL, UNKNOWN SIGNAL, or VALID SIGNAL. Depending on what you want, do not ommit the 'UNKNOWN SIGNAL', I used to get that with strange resolutions or while connecting/disconnecting.

    The event can trigger quite a few times in a short time, for instance while the device is adjusting to the incoming signal, but nothing to worry about.

  • ZachjZachj Junior Member Posts: 12

    That makes its easy for me, thank you!

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