Fault with TPI-PRO

I've just received, via Ebay, a TPI-PRO-4. It works quite nicely, but I've found that one of the inputs, when fed with a VGA signal from a Windows 10 PC, has 'sparklies' on the picture. Feeding it with a VGA signal from an Apple Mac is even worse. I haven't tried it with an S-Video yet (which will be it's ultimate input).

So, does anyone know what might be wrong? I'm not adversed to popping the top off and looking to fix it, I just need some pointers as to what to look for.

I've also found that it 'forgot' my calibration settings when it was powered off for about an hour. When I did re-calibrate it, it appeared to crash (i.e. no touches on the screen would do anything). Is this a sign of another issue developing?

Also, while on the subject of S-Video into these - there are a few VGA to S-Video and RCA cables on Ebay but I'm not sure how they are wired...just that they are designed for those PC graphics cards which have the TV out option. I was just going to buy a S-Video connector and wire up my own, as I've got plenty of 15 way D-Type connectors.

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