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Persistent memory issues with NX-1200

Hi to all AMX programmer

I do experience persistent memory issues for some time. The persistent variables were cleared (all 0) after a power cycle. Program was not changed recently nor reloaded to the master. The master just started loosing its persistence, lest say on every other power circle or so. It does not do it on each power down and up. I have changed the battery as I have been thing this could be the case. Nevertheless it proved the old battery to be in good condition, as I measured 3.2V after the replacement.

Any suggestions what could be reason for that strange behavior?


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    viningvining Posts: 4,368
    edited October 2019

    Are you sure they’re not being initialized to 0 in define start or possibly in code in some start up routine.

    I would modify the variable’s name and recompile, see everywhere errors are thrown because names don’t match and ensure nothing is initializing it.

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    Hi vining
    thanks for your comment

    The program is very large and runs for years without any issues, this appeared out of nothing

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