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NI-2100 Date jumped 37 Years ahead briefly?

Wonder if any of you bright sparks could give me some advise please?

This NI-2100 and associated systems had been running sweetly for several weeks after an update. Suddenly at 12:18:15 on 10/18/19 (US) the time & date changed to 22:52:56 02/01/56. System kept running but turned most of the lights out on the client as time indicated the lights should be out...

At 13:09:34 10/18/19 (US) it reverted back to correct time & date and the problem went away.

This has happened 3 times in the last 2 years. I assumed it had updated with erroneous time info from Time server so changed Clock Manager from Network to Stand Alone. Each time it has changed to a year 1956, but can't recall the exact details as it doesn't happen often... I'm thinking there's a hint there somewhere but I'm not seeing it....

There are no tell tale errors or faults in the master log leading up to the change.

Any thoughts on why this may be happening?

Controller is a NI-2100

Device Name: NI Master
Device Number: 0
Port Count: 10
FWID: 380
OID 1: vxWorks Image v3.60.453
OID 2: BootROM v3.60.453
OID 3: AXLink I/F uController v1.30.8

Manufacturer: AMX LLC
Version: v3.60.453

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