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Jandy vs Pentair

banobano Senior MemberPosts: 171
edited October 2019 in AMX Technical Discussion

I've never integrated with a Pentair pool/spa controller. All of the residential contractors in my area ( Arizona) use Jandy exclusively. I have an upcoming project that the pool contractor (located in New Mexico) is proposing Pentair. The last subject related post I saw was dated 2011. I just wanted an update on the topic. For those who have integrated with both, please provide feedback, preference, etc. Thanks in advance.


  • John NagyJohn Nagy CineTouch Product Manager Posts: 1,679

    We and our dealers integrated a number of JANDY and PENTAIR and COMPOOL branded controllers using the same control codes and page design. The base design is marked SYSTEM i9+3. If I recall (it's been a while!), support told us that they are essentially the same units. Hope this helps.

  • banobano Senior Member Posts: 171

    Thanks John!

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